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Getting Around Toronto

The Toronto Transit Commission or TTC operates the subway, bus, streetcar, and light rapid transit LRT system.

You can buy a special day pass that's good for unlimited travel for one person after 9:30am on weekdays, and good for up to six people a maximum of two adults anytime on Sunday and holidays. There is no Saturday pass, and no multiple-day deals.
For surface transportation, you need a ticket, a token, or exact change. You can buy tickets and tokens at subway entrances and at authorized stores that display the sign TTC. Bus drivers do not sell tickets, nor will they make change. Always obtain a free transfer where you board the train or bus, in case you need it. In the subways, use the push-button machine just inside the entrance. On streetcars and buses, ask the driver for a transfer.

The Subway:
It is fast, quiet, and clean: and very simple to use. There are two lines: Bloor-Danforth and Yonge-University-Spadina: that form a cross. The Bloor Street east-west line runs from Kipling Avenue in the west to Kennedy Road in the east where it connects with Scarborough Rapid Transit to Scarborough Centre and McCowan Rd. The Yonge Street north-south line runs from Finch Avenue in the north to Union Station Front St. in the south. From there, it loops north along University Avenue and connects with the Bloor line at the St. George station. A Spadina extension runs north from St. George to Downsview station at Sheppard Avenue.

The light rapid transit LRT system connects downtown to Harbourfront. The fare is one ticket or token. It runs from Union Station along Queen's Quay to Spadina, with stops at Queen's Quay ferry docks, York Street, Simcoe Street, and Rees Street, then continues up Spadina to the Spadina subway station. The transfer from the subway to the LRT and vice versa at Union Station is free.

The subway operates Monday to Saturday 6am to 1:30am, Sunday 9am to 1:30am. From 1am to 5:30am, the Blue Night Network operates on basic surface routes. It runs about every 30 minutes. For route information, pick up a "Ride Guide" at subway entrances or call 416/393-4636. Multilingual information is available. You can also use the automated information service at 416/393-8663.

Buses & Streetcars:
Where the subway leaves off, buses and streetcars take over. They run east-west and north-south along the city's arteries. For complete TTC information, call 416/393-4636.